1)      Has pictures that he clearly took of himself with his phone, especially in the mirror with the phone in the photo, happens all the time… my analogy he doesn’t have a friend he can ask to take a photo of him.


2)      Has photos of himself with other women that he does not specifically label as his mom or sister. Why would you post photos of yourself with other women on a dating site when you are looking for a relationship? I’m guessing to prove that women are attracted to you?


3)      This one stands true as it did in my generic “ref flags” list- never married or no kids by 36 (yes I added one extra year).


4)      More than two spelling or grammatical errors in his profile.


5)      Very limited information about himself or what he is looking for on his profile- to me that means that he is not taking it seriously and only wants a piece of ass.


6)      Habitual dating website user: (ex: You saw him on the same dating site, even same photo 2 years ago, true story)


7)      Uses the words sexy, stud, or “Daddy issues welcomed and accepted” (this is also a true story!) as part of their screen name.


8)      Has a shirtless photo of himself other than a photo from the beach.


9)      Starts of with I’m honest and loyal.. My analogy, you’re a lying sack of sh*t.


10)  Uses text abbreviations in their profile. Dude, spell it out!


11)  Tells you that they’re awesome as one of their qualities.


12)  Their profile photo looks like it could be a mug shot or you think you may have possibly seen them once onAmerica’s Most Wanted.

Perfect example of an actual profile that is wrong on so many levels: What’s up bithches! I’ m looking for a sexy girl. That i can get along with. I’m a laid back soft spoken sexy Portugese. I don’t see the point of writting a book on  about me. That’s why you get to know people.

First, he doesn’t know how to spell bitches, writing OR his own nationality (PORTUGUESE)! Second, he refers to women as bitches. Third, he thinks that “That I can get along with is a sentence”. And this was just his opening line.

I have nothing more I can say on this topic!


  1. Whats your thoughts on females not married or with children by age 40? Something wrong with me????? I dared too many douches as well.


    1. Of course not. And even with men It’s only when there are a combination of the red flags (more than 3) that it’s concerning. If they are not married by 40 and have no other or one other on the list, they are generally safe. And when it’s us, its usually because of the amount of douche bags!


  2. Online dating is horrible and I hate that I’ve tried it so many times. I am beginning to think my friend was right when he said that there are two types on men on those sites: men who can’t get laid in real life and men that are married or have a gf and want some on the side.

    I’d say other red flags are: photos they have posted from years (plural) ago… of course you probably won’t know this until after you meet them. I’d say ask them to take a photo and send it to you.

    Also, if they aren’t smiling in ANY of their photos or if their smile is obviously fake (no wrinkling around the eyes). Trust me.

    I’ve found that men that don’t want kids are just evil people. They don’t want to be around them and it feels like they have no souls. I’m not sure why it’s different for women that don’t want them (myself included). I’m a loving, warm, and nurturing person. I just don’t want to have children.


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