A friend of mine recently met this guy at a local Tavern that is near the airport. He had just flown in for a business trip from Philly and they hit it off.. He was 49 years old and said that he was a widower for the last 10 years. His charming personality and handsome looks really peaked her interest.  They went the next few nights while he was on his trip here in RI. After he returned to Philly, he continued to reach out to her via text and phone calls. He even mailed her a powerband bracelet because she had commented that she liked the one he was wearing when he was here.

Well, surprise, surprise… Mr charming turned out to be Mr Bullshit!

He told my friend that he didn’t have a Facebook account but as all of us women do, she checked anyway and not only does he have a Facebook account, that upon being confronted by her tried to pretend that his boys put it up for him, but he also has a LIVING wife! Which explains why when she requested his friendship, he denied her, not once but twice. When she asked him what he was hiding he said, “Fuck it and Fuck you”.

He even behaved like a spoiled child and told her that she should grow her hair out because he likes women with longer hair and her hair style is something that menopausal women would wear.

I can assure you that this guy is off of his rocker because her hair is hot!

Needless to say, the bracelet is now in the trash and my friend is back to thinking that all men are, and I quote “FUCKING psychotic narcissistic ASSHOLES

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