I’m thinking back to the summer after my divorce 3 years ago. I spent 12 years in the same relationship, almost 10 of those as a wife; I didn’t even know what to do with myself at first. But luckily for me, I figured it out quickly. I had a handful of single girlfriends and we decided to make it a summer to remember.

We went to wine tastings inNewport, the beach, parties, and spent so much time on Federal Hill, I almost felt like I was Italian until I looked in the mirror and realized that Snookie could never hang out with someone this pale.

My kids were with me 4 nights a week and with their dad the other 3. So every Saturday night, I had to myself. It was a strange concept, since when I was married I hardly did anything for myself, never mind had free time to myself. In the entire first year after my divorce, I only stayed home on one Saturday night. I was actually pretty impressed with myself for always managing to find something to. I felt the need to make the most out of my free time so what better way to spend a childless night than out on the town?

I learned how to give out my Blackberry messenger number instead of a phone number to guys because I could delete them as soon as I walked out of whatever bar I was visiting. Guys have become pretty smart now a days and actually want to confirm that they have the right number by calling or messaging you on the spot, so the few times I actually gave out my real number, I blocked it when I came home. I also had to come up with some name choices, because it’s a little bit difficult to keep a low profile with a name like mine in this small state orRhode Island. Obviously if I met a guy who actually sparked my interest, I would provide a real name and phone number but I was always a little bit nervous giving out too much information. Another great trick is to wear a ring that resembles an engagement or wedding ring but wear it on your right ring finger. If you see a man approaching that makes you want to cringe, you immediately switch to your left hand and pretend to have a husband or fiancé. Sadly, that doesn’t always deter these persistent fuckers but sometimes it does the trick. It’s pretty absurd to have to go to these lengths to avoid perverted men and considering I’m no super model, I can’t imagine what they must go through out on the scene.

All of these memories have me wondering what this summer will be like, since it’s my first single summer since the break-up. Hopefully, it’s a good one since I still have some single friends to run around town with.  Part of me wants to stay single this summer to live it up again and the other part of me is tired just thinking about it!


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