I’m so happy to hear that more men like curvy women, unfortunately there are still some guys out there who want a girl with the same body that they had when they were 16. I can understand that we all have our preferences, even I check out skinny girls, but maybe that’s more because I want to be them. But let’s be real, most of us have been affected by age, genetics and of course childbirth! In addition to all of this, I have to fight against my own body now that I don’t have a thyroid, because I needed one more thing to prevent me from embracing shorts.  

Like anyone else, I want to have a great body and feel good in a bathing suit (I think the last time that happened was when I was 15) but I also know that I will NEVER be skinny. I am a curvy girl with some junk in the trunk, end of story. I spend hours working out every week, whether it be going to the gym, walking a local trail, kick boxing or Zumba, I am always doing something. And when I’m not working out, I am on the move cleaning, doing laundry, running errands, unless it’s the 8 hours a day that I am forced to get an expanding ass at my desk job (which luckily I love the job itself!),

Just tying to maintain this “curvy” body requires not only constant exercise but also watching every single thing I put in my mouth. I am petrified of carbs, anything fried and even juice because of the sugar. I am pretty sure that if I look at a pizza for more than 5 minutes, I gain a pound. If at the end of the day, I feel like I consumed too many carbs or more than my allotted caloric intake, I start drinking this Chinese tea, taking a diuretic and doing lunges down the hallway. And I know I’m not the only girl who owns an obscene amount of black clothing because in my demented mind, I must look thinner in black.

At the end of the day, I know that I have to comfortable with my body and when I am with someone again; they have to be comfortable with a girl who has the body of a woman and not a girl.

That being said, I am trying to be a little less curvy. I joined the biggest loser contest at work in the hopes of losing 20+ pounds, I’m also trying to limit my alcoholic beverages to vodka with club soda, and I am looking into boxing so that not only can I be in great shape but I can also kick someone’s ass.  Hopefully all of these things will get me in the shape that I want to be in for my summer of bring single.

I will end with something that one of my best friends said at the last girl’s night dinner before we got to the restaurant “If you see me eat a carb, tell me to go throw up!” 

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