1)38 year old man: In section of how the person typically spends their leisure time:                   Cooking, making bread, reading, biking, gardening, hanging out with friends, playing with the cats, doing yoga, walking on the beach, practicing Kung Fu.  

Does anyone else think this list of activities is strange? I mean who bakes bread and then does King Fu?

  2) 40 year man. Occupation: student.

My question would be how do you support yourself and how exactly would you be able to take anyone out on a date? Last I checked you don’t get paid to go to school and you have to pay tuition. Put up a profile after you graduate and get a job!

 3) 38 year old man. Occupation: Witch Doctor.

I have no idea what that means but according to Wikipedia this is the definition: A witch doctor originally referred to a type of healer who treated ailments believed to be caused by witchcraft. It is currently used to refer to healers in some third world regions, who use traditional healing rather than contemporary medicine. In the first world, it is sometimes used derogatorily to refer to chiropractors, homeopaths and faith healers.

 4) 42 year old man:  Profile summary:  I don’t have hobbies. My goals are inspired by a better way of life. I always stay optimistic. I stick to a low sugar diet if at all possible. Exercise and water. My unique self would be I’m just genuine. Not into vises or habits. not a smoker, although I do smoke a cigar now and then. Not a drinker, but do drink socially only, more of a responsible person.

Is it me or does he contradict himself in everything he says???

 5) 39 year old woman: Profile Heading: Looking for…uhm…..activity partners to join us.

Entire Profile because I couldn’t leave anything out on this one:

Hi guys and girls! I’m in an open relationship with a straight man. I’m bisexual. We like to have others join in with us. We are both very fun, considered attractive, and bring no drama what-so-ever. If it ain’t fun why do it right?

Typically we exchange some emails, maybe text a bit, meet for drinks or something, then move on to the fun stuff! 🙂 Do I meet guys without my boyfriend? No. We really want to keep doing this together. Everyone seems to always have a great time. Sometimes he just watches. Other times he joins in. Sometimes we have more than one other guy involved…but there’s never any guy to guy contact unless it’s incidental.

We can host but it has to be late at night. The kids go to bed at 10. Otherwise your welcome to get a room and we can set up a time 🙂

We are looking for repeat encounters and developing on-going frienships. That would be our preference. We have occassionaly made exceptions and met people one time.

A few rules:

1) Must like women that have some extra cushion…I’m not thin!! (But I am damn cute! lol)
2) You must wear a condom. No exceptions. Don’t ask.
3) You must be willing to get a room. My boyfriend and I have kids to worry about.
4) People keep asking what I’m looking for…If I haven’t made it clear here, don’t bother.
5) If you don’t have a pic or I can’t see your face clearly I won’t respond.
6) I’m not into trading pics like baseball cards. It gets really annoying, so try not to ask. If you like my attitude respond. I’m not remotely ugly, but as you can probably guess I get a lot of messages and if I sent pics to everyone I’d burn out my phone. Don’t bug me about it! (Thanks!)
7) I like it rough…lots of name calling…and my boyfriend is totally cool with that! 🙂
8) Yes, anything else goes 🙂

Women, men and couples of all races welcome! Hope to hear from you! Drop us a line and say hello…you won’t regret it! 🙂

PS: Guys please don’t respond if you’ve got one of those “tough guy” attitudes. We are very laid back and comfortable and aren’t looking for any trouble from anyone between the men. Take your aggressions out on me dammit!! 🙂 I love it!

I have nothing to say about this other than 1) I feel dirty having read this profile and 2) This woman should not be a mother since she is willing to have threesomes at home with kids in the house after they go to bed!




  1. Ok LOVE ur stories. #1 is prob gay, #2 has no money, #3 is tapped. Out of all #4 is the most honest. I’m with u I don’t want a threesome- but hey no man is normally that honest about what he wants. She even had rules! It takes about three months b4 u can figure out what a guy want! Men should take a lesson from this post- it would help us weed out what we don’t want sooo much more quickly!


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