I had my first date today since I was out of my relationship, so we’re talking 2 years. It was unusual that it was on Easter but both of us had our kids yesterday and not for Easter and with our different schedules, it just worked out for the best.

I knew I was going to like him when we were planning the date and he said to me ” Dress casual, no need to wear a prom dress, we will be walking at some point so something semi-comfortable for shoes and a jacket would be good too. Meet me at the Coffee shop and we will head from there. I have a few good spots that I could take you too.”

The fact that he was telling me what to do and took the initiative to make a plan was totally hot. For someone who always seems to take control and has to plan everything, it was a refreshing change. We met at this quirky coffee shop and sat outside on the deck to people watch all of the unusual East Siders. I love that he enjoys people watching as much as I do. We had coffee and talked for a while and then headed over to the next location. We were originally going to walk, hence the comfy shoes but it was a little cold so he said he would drive and then bring me back to my car. He opened the car door for me which was a nice start. His car is a nice black Maxima that was immaculate, especially considering he has 3 young children. He took me to this brasserie that was quaint and absolutely adorable. He ordered an appetizer for us that would have been my first pick without even having to talk about it and then we each ordered a meal. Conversation was flowing and time went by really quickly. He is tall and very handsome, very well spoken, educated (masters degree) and very successful. Luckily he still throws out the occasional F bomb so I know that he isn’t too prim and proper for me. He is very active, running and working out. He takes his kids to farmers markets, weekends inNew   Hampshire, and random drives that end up trying out new restaurants. I am very intrigued with him and his energy. I’m almost intimidated by his sophistication and culture but I have to remember that these are the qualities that I was looking for; I just haven’t been blessed with someone at this level for some time now.

Unfortunately, He travels for work quite a bit and is looking for a new house about 30 minutes north from me and I will be moving soon and have to stay in the area where I am now. He may even have to work overseas at some point for 2 years through his current employer. So it’s very possible that our paths may never cross but I am actually ok with that. Why? Because I learned today that this is what I should be looking for. I confirmed that I was settling when I didn’t have anything even close to this. And when he said, “I hate when people always sit around at home and do nothing when there are so many things to do. I like to be on the move and get out of the house and show my kids new places and experience different foods”. I realized how much I hate that too yet I lived with someone who did just that, even worse, not someone who just sat around, but who played hours of video games.

We ended the date after 3 hours, even though it felt like 20 minutes and I thanked him for a great time.

I decided that even if I never see this guy again, this date will forever be engraved in my mind to remind me of what it is that I really want and exactly what I don’t want. So thank you to my tall, dark, handsome, intelligent gentleman for a great Easter date!

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