So many things happened tonight that I don’t even know where to begin. From the guy at the bar reading a novel… I mean why go sit a noisy bar and read a novel when you can read at home??? To the couple who made me wonder if my ex and I looked like them when we were together. He had a Harley Davidson jacket on with a camouflage beanie hat while she had glamorous curled hair and a cute feminine outfit on. I know my ex wouldn’t have had on that Harley jacket or that exact hat but he would have been wearing his black hat that I called his blankie and probably some other article of clothing that validated that he was much younger than me. It was just all wrong.

Then my BFF and I made friends with a couple of guys at the bar. One I scoped out early on. I though he was cute but I wasn’t a fan of his shirt. It may have been Tommy Hill but it wasn’t one of the newer styles. After we got to talking it became evident that they were younger than us by at least a few years, of course, here we go again. But what struck me that throughout the conversation which included me telling the guy to retire his shirt, he fully admitted that all guys are fucked up.

Can’t say I’m surprised after another guy friend of mine told me that  “women have different level of craziness….men have different levels of stupidity”. I again, can understand why there are so many lesbians out there even though I just can’t go down that path, I often wish I could.

So in the end, it was another night, out at local places, where I thought things would be ok, and I realized that I may most likely be doomed.

Hopefully, tomorrow,  I will hear from bachelor #2 who I am supposed to have a date with and maybe he will be half normal. If not, I may have to join a convent or learn how to be a lesbian .

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