I just re-posted the chapter of Greg because even 3 years later, he is still around once in a while. I went to the restaurant that he bar tends at last night because it was always one of my spots and as soon as he spotted me he smiled and waved. About 10 minutes later when my friends and I were sitting at a table, our waiter came over with shots for all 4 of us and says “these are from Greg, enjoy” Why does this guy, who by all accounts is always very nice to me, engages in conversation with me every time he see me and buys me drinks never actually executes a plan to take me out?? I have been trying to solve this mystery for 3 long years now . I know he had a live in girlfriend at one point so that should rule out being gay so what gives? I guess I will never know and just keep enjoying his hospitality and adorable smile the few times a year that I see him! 

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