Dating websites are a lot like going shopping, when you actually find a nice, normal, intelligent and attractive man on one of these sites, it’s just like finding an adorable Kate Spade bag in theMarshallsclearance section.  Unfortunately the likelihood of finding that nice, normal, intelligent and attractive man on one of these sites is as difficult as finding that Kate Spade bag.


I have helped out quite a few of my girlfriends set up dating profiles, or weed through potential prospects and I also had a little bit of experience on them myself. Based on all of the information that I have compiled here is a summation of the most popular sites with a little help from my friends:




The Good:

1) The guys on this site are legit, they want a real relationship and most likely a wife. Why? One, because it’s not free to join and two, because it’s almost as much work to complete the dating application as it is to study for a Biology Final. No man is going to spend that much time and energy for a piece of ass.

2) These men don’t just have jobs, they have careers. You will find occupations on here such as:

Molecular Biologist



And Investment management focusing on alternative assets (I have no idea what that means)

3) Not only can they spell and write properly but they can read.

4) You can easily stop communicating with someone and you never get creepers emailing you weird things.

The Bad:

1)90% of the men are ugly and out of the 10% of the good looking ones, 5% of them are really short.

2) They match you with certain people and you can’t just scroll through singles.

3) I don’t know too many people who have actually even had a date from the site because no one can figure out how the hell they match people.

The Good

1) It’s not free to join so there is a chance that the men are legit (but not as much info is required for their profile).

2) There are a lot more people to choose from than EHarmony, especially in this small state.

3) You can see who is “online now” or “active within 24 hours” etc- so you can tell if someone is constantly on there trying to date everyone.


The Bad:

1) You can see who is “online now” or “active within 24 hours” so they can tell if YOU are constantly on there.

2) Based on my own and all of my friends experiences, a lot of the men on there are just looking for casual dating or more often, a piece of ass. (with myself and my friends, they were unsuccessful 😉 )

3) They seem to offer a lot of “specials” and “membership extension” which causes the same guys to be on there month after month and year after year.

4) You have to figure out if you want to wink or message or what to do if someone winks at you or adds you as a favorite. It’s a little confusing.


Plenty Of Fish:


The Good

1) It’s free- there are a ton of people to choose from.


The Bad

1) It’s free- this allows every scumbag, even the broke ones to be on the site.

2) You will find less of the career man on here and a lot more of the unemployed man.

3) Many more photos are self-portraits and/or shirtless photos that include lots of tattoos (although I am a fan of those) and nipple rings (not so much).

4) If you are even slightly attractive you will get inundated with emails from tons of men, including offers from a man inBostonwho wants you to work as an escort (true story from my friend’s experience)

5) When selecting your options, you actually have the ability to check off “do not allow mail from those who have requested sexual encounters from others” which means that if you don’t check that off, you may be chatting with a rapist. Awesome.

In Summary, I have no desire to go shopping, fishing or winking at anyone anytime soon.

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