1. I don’t typically come home and pray at 1AM but I am tonight….

I don’t even know where to begin on tonight’s ventures. After the nice dinner with one of my best friends, we headed to a local bar to meet up with one of our long-time friends. As we are out on this venture, we come across mutual friends who are there with other acquaintances.

One of these aquantences is this guy we all know as a weirdo. Apparently he met this girl online last year, she’s fromCanadaand is almost 10 years older than him. She is old enough to not only have grown children, but also grandchildren. He has no job, can’t remember anything past 2 months ago and is not exactly a “looker” Word gets out that this grandmother is 6 weeks pregnant with the unemployed man’s baby and I am now officially confused. She is also at the bar, drinking long island ice teas and smoking cigarettes? When I process again that they met online, I realize that it means that one of them had to have searched almost 500 miles outside of where they live and that something had to have attracted them to each other enough to make them travel this insane commute to make this what it is. I am clearly missing something. I can’t find a guy I want to date, yet these two are happy as can be??

So as if this wasn’t enough to scar me for one night, there were a few patrons that managed to do me in. One was dressed, head to toe as a Rastafari (photo is absolutely attached). Another had a T-shirt on that said Money over Bitches and one other guy was covered in tattoos and what caught my attention the most was the one on his knuckles that said “P R A Y” which exactly what I felt I had to do when I left the bar.

At one point my friend turned to me and said “I have to pee” and my response to her was “I have to slit my wrists”

In the end, I did manage to meet what I think may be a “normal” guy. His name is Mike. He’s my age. He is in engineering for the same company since he was 16 years old. I gave him my number, something I am hesitant to do at a bar, but compared to what I was exposed to, he seemed like a real catch. Let’s see if he calls or texts.

In the meantime, I need to pray. I don’t know for what exactly, but I am traumatized tonight.



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